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Patch the Foster Dog

From http://quinnsworld.blogspot.com

“Hi! My name is Quinn, I was called Patch when this picture was taken. Sometime late in the summer of 2004 I was relinquished to a shelter in Madisonville, KY. It is a high kill shelter, I was lucky to get out of there alive. The Director of the Madisonville shelter thought I was a special Border Collie so I was moved to a shelter in Henderson, KY to be evaluated further.

It was while I was at the Henderson shelter that this picture was taken and I met Sheila. When I met Sheila I was going into Shelter Shock, I had a scraped nose from rubbing my nose against the fencing out of boredom. My coat was rather pitiful looking, it was dry, brittle and I had bald spots. I was also very thin.


“I went for a nice long walk with Sheila, I jumped and played, I was so happy to get some attention and get outside. Unfortunately there was no foster space available and Sheila left without me. Sheila did suggest that I be given some toys and they were tossed in my kennel before Sheila left.

Oct. 9, 2004

"Jan met me with Patch this afternoon, and w had a fine chat on the lawn behind Cracker Barrel, discussing all things rescue and several global topics :-) Patch (that's me Quinn!) rested his head alternately on on one lap or the other, soaking up the affection as he dozed between us, his eyes exuding contentment when he lazily opened them up to glance up at us. He's (me again!) of course terribly thin, as Maccie had noted, and he's noticeably favoring his right front leg - hopefully it's inflammation and not a serious injury. He's resting comfortably in his crate now. I am wondering - should he be fed an additional meal to try and get some weight on him? Should he get a special food? A vitamin supplement of some sort?"—MaryG

Oct. 19

“Patch (aka Quinn) is a cute little beanhead, full of puppy energy and tricks, and so far not an agressive bone in his body. Simon and Jane (and Dakota before them) have been teaching him about how dogs are supposed to behave and especially how fun it is to run like the wind with someone trying trying to grab your tail. His limp is seldom seen of late, and his ribs are less prominent although his hips are still quite bony -which may be due as much to lack of muscle tone as to poor diet. I haven't taken him for a check up yet, pending getting his records, but will have his shoulder looked at then. His coat is shiny and curly, his eyes are bright and clear, he sleeps through the night and crates easily when I have to go out."-- MaryG

Patch in foster care

Oct. 26

"The shelter faxed me the name of the vet who originally cared for Patch (aka Quinn) and we now have his history clear! He was born in October 2003, so he's just a year old. His registration papers are apparently forever lost, but Patch doesn't seem to care one whit. My vet says he's healthy, heart strong and steady, needs maybe 5 more lbs max. He's managed to cut his pad tearing around outside with Jane and Simon, so he'll get an antibiotic and little house rest 'til that heals. No evidence of the front leg limp - it must have been a strain or pull of some sort." ---MaryG

Nov. 14

One thing about my foster dog Patch-- in his own mind he was a lap dog. At the first sight of an available lap, he would fold up those long legs of his, curl his tail around him, and settle in. From across the park, Bev called to him as soon as we came into view, and he made a beeline for her. She immediately sat down on the ground, and Patch's joy was boundless. He crept into her lap, she hugged him close and buried her face in his soft curls, and it was clear their hearts were melding.

You see, Bev lost her beloved BC of 13 years recently, and I guess the shape of Patch's love exactly matched the hole Lock's passing had left in her heart. Her mom and I stood by, watching, the radiated warmth making us oblivious to the nip in the Chicago air.

Then a funny thing happened. Patch lifted his head, rested it on Bev's shoulder and looked at me. He gazed directly at me for a long time, the deep pools of his eyes languid and content, and I clearly heard him say, "I love you, Mary. I've been very happy living with you and Jim and I really like playing with Janey and Simon, but this is my person , I've found her, and I'm going to stay with her. She needs me - you understand, right?"

Yes, I do dear Patch, I understand. The Circle is complete, and you and Bev have a wonderful life ahead of you.

The other thing about Patch was that he had always been afraid of getting into a car. Once in, he'd be fine, but the sight of an open car door would turn his legs to jelly, he'd just sag to the ground and have to be lifted in. When Bev opened the door to her van, her BC Storm flew into the back, his joy at being alive belying his slightly graying muzzle. I never saw Patch sail past me behind Storm, but the next thing I knew, he was stretched out in the middle seat of the van, gazing out at me.


You're going to love your new playmates at your new home, Patch, and Bev is going to teach you all the things you need to know as the fine BC you are becoming. And there is another dog waiting whom I need to take care of, now.

Read more about Quinn and his family at http://quinnsworld.blogspot.com/

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