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Come Bye Border Collie Rescue rescues BC's and BC mixes from the Midwest, including the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee. Our adopters come from all over the U.S., but most typically from the same Midwest states. Any potential adopters should understand that they are expected to visit the dog in its foster home.  

The Location of the foster home in the dog's description should be taken into consideration if you are interested in one of the CBBCR foster dogs. We currently have foster homes in Illinois and Indiana. Our mission is to rescue and rehome Border Collies and Border Collie mixes in need throughout the Midwest. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under IRS rules.

CBBCR is run by volunteers.  No one gets a salary, so you can be assured that all donations go toward the operations of the rescue.

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We are taking applications for adoption! Read more about our adoption process by clicking on this link.
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Meet Crew Crew is a 2 year old neutered/male, classic black and white, Border Collie. Approximately 35 pounds. He is very lean and could stand to gain 5 to 10 pounds....he just burns off everything he eats. Crew is being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana. Crew is EXCELLENT with other dogs!! His forever home will need to include another dog. He isn't an "only dog home" sort of dog. He plays at doggie daycare regularly and loves playtime. He also enjoys fetch. When other dogs are involved in...read more about Crew
Adorable TylerTyler was picked up in Kentucky as a stray.  When no one came to claim him Come Bye was asked to take him in.Tyler’s ideal home - active pet home or novice sport handler looking to dabble in sports (agility, disc, or dock - he loves all!) He is high energy and low/medium drive. Tyler is good with dogs, people, and kids! Doesn’t know a stranger! Not sure if he’s good with cat, I’m allergic. He is great in the crate, travels well, and walks nicely on a le...read more about Tyler
Kiwi Kiwi is ready to start searching for her happily forever after .  She is being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana. She is an AMAZING girl!! She is a Curly Coat Border Collie thought to be 5-7 years of age. She was relinquished to an All Breed Rescue from and Amish "breeder" and the All Breed Rescue reached out to Come Bye Border Collie Rescue and ended up transferring her to our care. Little did we know.....Kiwi was approximately 40 days pregnant when she came in to rescue. Onc...read more about Kiwi
Meet Faber,Faber is a red tri-color smooth-coated male estimated to be born in January-February 2022. He is named after a top-of-the-line art pencil (Faber Castell), a nod to his truly artistic coat coloration: he is a deep dark rich red accented by copper-to-blond points which transition subtly into white feet and facial markings, with coppery highlights on the side of his thighs and striking green-yellow eyes that dominate his first impression. He has prick ears, with a left ear that is variab...read more about Faber
Affectionate and Sweet!!!!! Scottie is a Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog mix... a Border Heeler some might call them... He is approximately 7 months old. He came in to rescue with his 2 litter mates Sloane and Sway. He seems to be the softest of the bunch...except around food. He is a resource guarder with other dogs when it comes to food. He is new to me but has been very sweet with all the new people he has met so far. ..but typically a little reserved initially. He plays in d...read more about Scottie
Introducing Abby! Abby Little miss Abby is a whole 33lbs, 2 1/2 year old female. With an adorable, petite body. She is the perfect size of heeler. She will be available later on this year, after her heartworm treatment is accomplished. Her personality is much like heeler/cattle dogs, when it comes to a Velcro dog. She wants to be with her people, however she handles being alone well and just sleeps on the couch or her bed. She has had NO signs of nipping ...read more about Abby
Introducing Sweet Vivian! Vivian is a female Cattle Dog! Her age estimate is 3 years old. She is a lower drive Cattle Dog/Collie. Vivian prefers a comfy couch to stretch out on. Must move little slower with Vivian until she gets to know you. But once she feels comfortable with you she will be vocal and talkative, especially feeding time. It’s adorable…………………..   She gets along with other dogs, but definitely likes her personal...read more about Vivian
Introducing Baloo!Baloo is a 7 month old ball of energy and cuddles. But mostly play!She is energized and natural herding instincts. Needs a herding experience home. She is crate trained and learning skills with training. She is learning not to chase the vacuum or broom. It’s a work in process. She has NOT herd people legs, as of now. Super smart and picks up a routine extremely fast.Quickly runs up the stairs when it is feeding time and bolts to her crate and sits patiently and proper, wa...read more about Baloo
LOVES Tennis balls! Tess Tess is a very small heeler. Some would call her a mini.  Pictures are definitely misleading.  Her estimated age was under 2.   She loves ball and plays well in a group. She will run for the ball but won’t demand it from dogs, but if she can sneak it, she will definitely zoom off and play chase.   She is crate trained and will hug your legs every time she comes out of her crate. She eats every meal in her crate and dives right inside, w...read more about Tess
Meet Shaka!!LOVES People!    Shaka is a 5 1/2 year old female Border Collie, she is being fostered in Urbana, Illinois.  Shaka is working on her housebreaking skills, she occasionally has accidents in the house. Shaka is very clean and neat, enjoys being petted. She takes treats nicely, and she has a good appetite. Shaka does jump up, but it's done in an affectionate way. Shaka is extremely smart. She does well in meeting new people. She prefers the company of my male dogs over ...read more about Shaka
Hayes is an estimated 1 year of Border Collie mix! He’s about 35 pounds and black and white with a husky / Pomeranian type coat, very fluffy boy! He was pulled from a local shelter in Columbus, OH. Hayes is the best boy! He’s a super easy going dog. Happy to hang around the house all day or go on a big adventure! He likes to play with stuffed toys and balls but isn’t obsessed with them! He is VERY good motivated and would do anything for a cookie! Hayes is very dog ...read more about Hayes
BEAR NEEDS TO BE PLACED IN A HOME WITHOUT CHILDREN AND NEEDS AN ADVANCED DOG SAVVY HUMAN, HE ALSO REQUIRES A FENCED YARD (5 FOOT OR HIGHER)Bear....aka "Air Bear" Bear is a 10 year old smooth coat male Border Collie mix being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana This dog can fly through the air....typically after a tennis ball ;) Bear is approaching 10 years of age but hasn't really slowed down over the years.... he is still willing to play fetch ALL day if I'd let him. Bear is good with other dog...read more about Bear
Noah is an active 9 1/2 year old smooth coat male BC.  He and his brothers came from Central Indiana and are being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana. If you would like additional information on Noah, contact Stephany at stephodellfcr@hotmail.com.  For additional information on adopting Noah or any of the other CBBCR foster dogs, go to the CBBCR website at www.comebyebcrescue.org. Update January 18, 2016 Ty and Noah   These two handsome boys are brothers and are now about 4 1/2 yea...read more about Noah
Ty is an active 9 1/2 year old smooth coat male BC.  He and his brothers came from Central Indiana and are being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana. If you would like additional information on Ty, contact Stephany at stephodellfcr@hotmail.com.  For additional information on adopting Ty or any of the other CBBCR foster dogs, go to the CBBCR website at www.comebyebcrescue.org. Update January 18, 2016 Ty and Noah   These two handsome boys are brothers and are now about 4 1/2 years...read more about Ty
EXPERIENCED HANDLER NEEDED.  REQUIRES A SECURE FENCE.  Gus needs to be placed in a home without children.  Gus is being fostered in Plymouth, IndianaGus is a 9 1/2 year old male Border Collie that we took in from a hoarding situation in Central Indiana.  He has come a long way with his social skills but he will need someone who will be very patient with him. His foster says that he will mingle when people come for meet and greets with the other dogs, but he does not yet appro...read more about Gus
REQUIRES A SECURE FENCE. EXPERIENCED HANDLER NEEDED.  Livie needs to be placed in a home without children.Livie is a 13 1/2 year old female Border Collie being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana.  Livie will need a family who will be patient with her.  Please contact stephodellfcr@hotmail.com if you have any questions about Livie.  You can complete an application to adopt Livie or any of the dogs on our website at www.comebyebcrescue.org.Livie – again a f...read more about Olivia


Have you ever thought about fostering? Here is why you should

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Pet-friendly license plates are available through the state of Illinois website. Proceeds from these plates go into a pet overpopulation fund to provide money for spaying and neutering Illinois companion animals. 



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