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Come Bye Border Collie Rescue rescues BC's and BC mixes from the Midwest, including the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee. Our adopters come from all over the U.S., but most typically from the same Midwest states. Any potential adopters should understand that they are expected to visit the dog in its foster home.  

The Location of the foster home in the dog's description should be taken into consideration if you are interested in one of the CBBCR foster dogs. We currently have foster homes in Illinois and Indiana. Our mission is to rescue and rehome Border Collies and Border Collie mixes in need throughout the Midwest. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under IRS rules.

CBBCR is run by volunteers.  No one gets a salary, so you can be assured that all donations go toward the operations of the rescue.

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Meet Crew Crew is a 2 year old neutered/male, classic black and white, Border Collie. Approximately 35 pounds. He is very lean and could stand to gain 5 to 10 pounds....he just burns off everything he eats. Crew is being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana. Crew is EXCELLENT with other dogs!! His forever home will need to include another dog. He isn't an "only dog home" sort of dog. He plays at doggie daycare regularly and loves playtime. He also enjoys fetch. When other dogs are involved in...read more about Crew
Meet Faber,Update 9/2023 “Faber passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors on his first attempt. He is a quick learner and works happily for verbal praise. He is wonderful with other dogs of all descriptions and turns out he is a fantastic puppy-raiser – he is just phenomenal with the pushy and obnoxious baby border collie that has joined the household. He is also showing amazing speed and agility in his games with her – like a little border collie cutting hors...read more about Faber
Meet Shaka!!LOVES People!    Shaka is a 6 1/2 year old female Border Collie, she is being fostered in Urbana, Illinois.  Shaka is extremely smart. She does well in meeting new people.  Shaka is very clean and neat, enjoys being petted. She takes treats nicely, with the right pet parent, she will be a lovely, devoted companion.Shaka has made progress on resource guarding. Shaka should be the only female dog in the home, she wants to be the queen bee. She does fine with...read more about Shaka
Meet Crimson! Crimson has been with me for a while now. She was originally live trapped by the local Humane Society here in Plymouth. She is extremely fearful of strangers. Once she has decided she likes someone....she is ALL in, in love with them. She is excellent with other dogs and fine with cats. She is crate trained and house trained. She should be considered a flight risk and will need a securely fenced yard and a very patient human. She is just a little thing. She looks like a mini...read more about Crimson
Mr Handsome!Introducing Anderson Got Toys!!!!!!   This super fun guy LOVES toys!  He enjoys a game of fetch with his human or tug with another dog.  Anderson is a very active dog and is always ready for an adventure with his human.  He rides well in the car and is confident in new environments.     Anderson is great with other dogs and people.  He's crate trained and house trained.  Easy peasy for baths and nail trims.  His coat is smooth ...read more about Anderson
Meet Levi!Levi is an 11 month old neutered male Cattle Dog! Currently 28 lbs most likely will be closer to 40 lbs when fully grown. Levi is a very nervous boy. It takes a while for him to build up trust with a person. For the first 3 weeks I was unable to touch him but now he’s able to take cookies from my hand, allow me to pet him, and hang out on the couch with him! Now that’s he’s coming out of his shell he’s finally becoming a naughty baby puppy! I’ve bee...read more about Levi
Hi, my name is North. Update 4/2024 I'm looking for my furever home. I'm about 5 years old. (I didn't dig that big hole behind me. That was my foster sister, Shaka. She's looking for her furever home, too.) I was heartworm positive when I came into the rescue. I have completed my treatment, but I'm still on R & R a little longer. I'm neutered, microchipped, and current on vaccinations and preventatives. I'm looking for a home with a tall fenced in yard because when I am...read more about North
Introducing Cauli!!!!!This adorable girl is ready to find a home of her own. Cauli is great with other dogs - she has been mostly around medium sized dog but has seen large and small. She does well with cats. Once she gets to know you she’s very friendly. She’s starting to come out of her shell and explore more!! Great in her crate, potty trained, and learning to walk on a leash! Cauli is a wonderful pup looking for the right person to help her blossom!Cauli is approximately 9 months...read more about Cauli
Ever so Handsome!Inroducing Zucchini!This HANDSOME boy is ready to find a home of his own. He is the sweetest boy, easily the sweetest of the litter! Zucchini is great with other dogs - he has been mostly around medium sized dog but has seen large and small. He does well with cats. Zucchini doesn’t know a stranger and wants to cuddle with you any chance she can get! If you’re looking for a shadow, Zucchini would love to be yours. Great in his crate, potty trained, and learning to wal...read more about Zucchini
Meet Brody!Originally came from the southern Indiana several of our dogs have come from. This small shelter struggles to place dogs. He was relinquished to this shelter by his owner with the name Buster.He is a very soft boy. He has made leaps and bounds so far. He now readily approaches for affection. He is a very cuddly boy but VERY sensitive to pressure. He is good with other dogs but some dogs bring out the herder in him. He picks and chooses dogs he wants to move. Some dogs are not in fav...read more about Brody
Introducing Toast!!!Toast is a year and 5 month old male, Red Australian Cattle dog, who is amazing with respectful children 5 and up and great with other animals including cats. He wants nothing more than to cuddle on the couch in your lap. Though no fault of his own, he has had a couple of bumps in his life journey, which has given him some anxiety which causes a lot of drooling and some car sickness which has gotten better the more places we go. He is house broken and crate trained, he does u...read more about Toast
Introducing Chloe Chloe is a beautiful double masked Cattle Dog is a dream to look at. Her confirmation is short and stocky. If you’re looking for a beautiful girl. Here she is. Chloe does great in a crate and walks on a leash and sits nicely. But like most Cattle Dogs they have energy. We exercise her with lots of ball. She is a great ball retriever. Chloe comes from Southern, IN. Where she was found and picked up as a stray. Chloe gets along with other dogs but very se...read more about Chloe
Meet Journey, Journey was being given away for free and a Good SamaritanSmaritan took her in and asked us to find her a great home.She is sweet and spunk and roughly 6 months old.  She is super playful with toys and entertains herself. But she also loves to cuddle on your lap when you’re ready to relax.She is currently crated at nights and makes no messes.Journey is being fostered in Plymouth, IN Please contact Casey if you have any questions about Journey.  You can complet...read more about Journey
Meet Triump, Triump was being given away for free and a Good Samaritan took him in and asked us to find him a great home.He is an absolutely beautiful 6month old (tri collie mix) He is super sweet and just a great puppy. He can’t get enough of his foster mom and insist on following her around the play yard.Crate training currently and has not made any messes.Doing great with dogs in his foster home.Triumph is being fostered in Plymouth, IN Please contact Casey if you have any questio...read more about Triumph
BEAR NEEDS TO BE PLACED IN A HOME WITHOUT CHILDREN AND NEEDS AN ADVANCED DOG SAVVY HUMAN, HE ALSO REQUIRES A FENCED YARD (5 FOOT OR HIGHER)Bear....aka "Air Bear" Bear is a 11 1/2 year old smooth coat male Border Collie mix being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana This dog can fly through the air....typically after a tennis ball ;) Bear is approaching 10 years of age but hasn't really slowed down over the years.... he is still willing to play fetch ALL day if I'd let him. Bear is good with other...read more about Bear
Noah is an active 10 year old smooth coat male BC.  He and his brothers came from Central Indiana and are being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana. If you would like additional information on Noah, contact Stephany at stephodellfcr@hotmail.com.  For additional information on adopting Noah or any of the other CBBCR foster dogs, go to the CBBCR website at www.comebyebcrescue.org. Update January 18, 2016 Ty and Noah   These two handsome boys are brothers and are now about 4 1/2 years ...read more about Noah
Ty is an active 10 year old smooth coat male BC.  He and his brothers came from Central Indiana and are being fostered in Plymouth, Indiana. If you would like additional information on Ty, contact Stephany at stephodellfcr@hotmail.com.  For additional information on adopting Ty or any of the other CBBCR foster dogs, go to the CBBCR website at www.comebyebcrescue.org. Update January 18, 2016 Ty and Noah   These two handsome boys are brothers and are now about 4 1/2 years of...read more about Ty
EXPERIENCED HANDLER NEEDED.  REQUIRES A SECURE FENCE.  Gus needs to be placed in a home without children.  Gus is being fostered in Plymouth, IndianaGus is a 10 year old male Border Collie that we took in from a hoarding situation in Central Indiana.  He has come a long way with his social skills but he will need someone who will be very patient with him. His foster says that he will mingle when people come for meet and greets with the other dogs, but he does not yet approach...read more about Gus
Introducing Quinn ❤️Quinn ever so unique tail is looking for her forever home. She is the sweetest girl. Her confirmation measures up to her beautiful, white tail. She is built short and stocky. She is an easy keeper and doesn’t require a-lot of food.Her personality is like most Cattle Dogs. Loves to have exercise, especially her ball. Loves people and gets excited to see them. So, we are working on staying down and not jumping 5ft in the air. Yes, she has springs in her feet.She is ...read more about Quinn
PhoebePhoebe has settled in nicely. She has been excellent in Daycare and loves playing with all her new friends each day. She has been friendly with the staff. She is curious about the kitties, especially when in her kennel. But out of her kennel she doesn't pay too much attention to them. She is excellent in her crate. Walks well on leash. Rides well in the car. The only issue I've had with her is that she will resource guard pretty much anything from people and dogs. It seems to diminish onc...read more about Phoebe


Have you ever thought about fostering? Here is why you should

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