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Border Collie (medium coat)  : :  Male (neutered)  : :  Young  : :  Medium

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Contact Journey's Caretaker/Foster Directly: jacque.danielle1388@gmail.com



Come Bye Border Collie Rescue adult dogs offered for adoption have been heartworm tested and are on heartworm preventative, spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped and, in season, on flea/tick preventative.  

Come Bye Border Collie Rescue puppies are wormed for intestinal parasites, received their age appropriate vaccines and are microchipped. If too young to spay or neuter, the adopter will agree to spay or neuter the puppy as a part of the adoption, along with the payment of an additional $100 deposit. 

Please note this dog's foster home Location is included on this page, but you must go through the adoption process and be approved prior to doing a meet and greet with the foster dog.   

About Journey

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: D200006
  • General Color: Black with White
  • Current Age: 1 Year 3 Months (best estimate)
  • Location: IN 46534
  • Housetrained: Yes
Journey is a 1 year old Border Collie mix with a foster home in Knox, Indiana. 


Journey is deaf and will need a home with someone who understands the need of such a dog.  If you have questions about Journey, please email comebyebcr@hotmail.com.  For additional information on Border Collies and our adoption process, please visit our website at www.comebyebcrescue.com.

Journey is doing great overall. First two days he had a few accidents in the house, which I anticipated! I took a couple of days letting him out quite frequently and then tapered him down to the same routine as the other dogs. He's done fantastic since, no more accidents! He will bark and click his teeth together when he needs to go outside. He does this when he's excited too.  
He does resource guard food bowls and bones so I am only feeding him in his crate and not allowing bones while all the dogs are together. He was originally this way with treats during training, but has overcome it and is more focused on the task at hand. I'm able to treat all three dogs while together with hand signals and he respects their space while anticipating his turn. 
He does very well in the house with my two dogs. He actively plays with both and also loves to cuddle up and naps with both. I do have one cat named Edgar. He, like my other border collie tries to herd him. He has never caught up to him so I'm unsure what he would do if he did. I will say he is not as bad as my boy Pacer is with it. He really only seems to be intrigued when Pacer initiates it. Both dogs only chase, I've never seen either try to nip at him while chasing. Journey has barked at him before when he first sees him appear, but I don't consider it an an aggressive bark if that makes sense. Kinda of like an alert bark, like when he needs to go out to use the bathroom.  
Journey LOVES playing with toys. He loves playing keep-away with the dogs and tug. I'm working with him on what is a toy and what is not. He thinks socks are a hidden treasure! If he finds the littlest things on the ground he will try to chew/eat it. Knowing this I've gotten him plenty of toys. (My biggest fear is a foreign body so I stay on top of this diligently!) 
We have been working with Journey on his car chasing. I feel this must have been an allowed behavior as he's very persistent with it. I've also been working with him by physically stepping in and interrupting his path along the fence line. This is my only true concern with him. We have a chain linked fence so when he sees a car coming he reacts. He chases along the fence line and also barks at cars/people going by. If we had a wooden privacy fence it obviously wouldn't be a problem! 
Everything else other than the car chasing he has been improving on greatly! 
Overall Journey is a VERY sweet dog that LOVES human companionship. He plays when engaged but does not have a high energy level/ play drive like most of my experiences with border collies. He's very content laying on the couch and snuggling. He's very loyal and wants to be around people. He follows me wherever I go, which I love. He's not one to pressure me for attention either, he's fairly content to be in my presence. When I show love to my other dogs he does get jealous. However, it's what most dogs do. Nudging between to be the center of attention. He hasn't acted aggressive about it or shown any signs of resource gaurding me. 
He does favor my companionship but is also affectionate to and accepts attention/praise from my fiance. He hasn't shown any type of fear or intimidation towards men. 
He has done OUTSTANDING with my four year old stepson Carson. We have always had animals since Carson was a baby, so it's a daily affirmation in our home that animals are our friends and loved ones who deserve just as much respect as each of us. I do believe Carson has a great amount of self control around our pets for a toddler, because of this. I think he would be great in a home with children as long as their home genuinely has the same strong morals. I'm uncertain how he'd react to a baby/toddler/child that disrespects his space. We are extra careful especially due to the resource gaurding of food. Carson has walked around the house with snacks and Journey does not seem interested at all. He's never tried to snatch food from any of us, or off of the coffee table that's at his level of sight. He doesn't go out of his way to beg for food, only on occasion does he join the other dogs when they initiate it. He lets Carson pet him, love on him, and plays fetch well with him. He will sometimes chase Carson when he's running around with the other dogs but he does NOT herd him like the cat. He has not shown any type of aggression towards him. No nipping, growling or barking. 
He was not happy in the beginning about sleeping and eating in his crate. As of now, he seems to be well adjusted and content with it. Once in awhile he'll bark a couple times when he first goes in if it's not time to eat, but he settles down quickly now. When I open his crate door he enters on his own now. 
The two biggest things I'm focusing on with him is the car chasing/fence running and watching that he's not chewing on non-toy items. 
Based on what I've observed so far I feel like he could do well in any type of home (single/family) as long as it's not too busy. He's quirky and not the easiest to read. (I'm still learning!) Clearly he's deaf, so he doesn't express himself with the typical behaviors of the average dog. I think he would do well with other dogs in the home but would also be fine on his own with a very loving human companion. If he's with children, I'd just truly hope they'd be just as strict/attentive to the interaction between the kids and Journey. 
He is on schedule with his monthly prevention just so you're aware. He's been doing great at doggy daycare with Steph and her crew when he's been there. (Due to the COVID19 issue we had Carson here full time for the past three weeks so we have been keeping the dogs home as well, starting next week they will be going regularly again.) 
Journey is a FANTASTIC dog. He is a joy to have in our home. I know he has only been with us a short while, but it has not taken long to see that he loves human companionship.  This is what I've observed so far in our short time! As things progress I'll keep you updated!

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Good with Dogs, Good with Kids, Needs special care

Special Needs: Journey is deaf

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